SEO Benefits Of Responsive Website Design


digitaleffect_admin posted in Digital Effect 01/06/2018

More and more people are browsing the Internet using their mobile phones, and it is becoming increasingly important to have a website that works on all media devices.

Responsive website design is the best way to achieve this! Responsive design means a website’s pages reformat themselves depending on which device they are being displayed on, this ensures the user will always have the best experience possible. Ask yourself this…If your website is not mobile ready, should Google use it to represent their search engine result pages (SERPs) for mobile-related search? No, of course not. Will Google rank responsive websites higher in their SERPs for mobile-related searches? Yes, definitely. You do not need to be an SEO expert to understand this…it is common sense.

Here are a few reasons why your website should be responsive:


If Google loves responsive websites, that’s good enough for us! After all, much of what we do is to impress Google and if they are telling us that responsive website is best, we’d be crazy not to listen and take the hint.


All websites should be built with the customer in mind – to make sure they have the best experience when they visit a website. Responsive design places an emphasis on designing for the user. If visitors are browsing your website using their mobile phone or tablet, they should be able to view all of its content as easily as desktop users.


From an SEO perspective having one domain means that all off-site SEO can be directed to that domain – we don’t have to split our time and build equally for 2 domains/websites (website and mobile website).

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