Green Baize Ltd

Green Baize Limited’s company director is Stuart Green. Stuart is an ex-professional snooker & English pool player, he is also grade A World Snooker coach so without doubt you will be in good hands. He has over 20 years of experience helping players to select personal playing cues, this knowledge and understanding gives customers confidence in the advice he offers, with his help and guidance you will find what you require much easier.

The Brief

Green Baize is a professional company and experts in their industry, but they knew that their expertise was not benefiting as many people as it could. Their online presence needed an upgrade so that the Green Baize brand could reach more of the target market. We undertook the design and creation of Green Baize’s new website providing them with a responsive design which could be viewed on mobile devices. The new website is ecommerce allowing them to sell online with no need for the customer to visit their showroom. From customers which live too far away from the showroom to those that prefer the quick and easy online purchasing process, Green Baize’s website (combined with our local and national SEO campaigns) allows them to put their brand and products in front of a new range of customers previously out of their reach.

  • Web Design
  • Responsive Design
  • National Search Engine Optimisation
  • Local Search Engine Optimisation
  • e-Commerce