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PPC Marketing is an invaluable tool for businesses looking to increase both search engine visibility and website conversions. Search engine’s such as Google offer amazing benefits for businesses who know how to leverage them. The ability to reach high volumes of targeted traffic which can transform into sales for your business is impressive, though attaining this traffic can be a difficult process to master. That is why we have a full team of experienced PPC managers whose job and expertise lays with using search engine ad platforms such as Google Adwords. From creating highly targeted and relevant ads, to managing them and optimising them our team of Pay Per Click managers have what it takes to help you claim some of the search engine’s top real estate for the best price.

Although it’s incredibly easy to setup a PPC account and begin Pay Per Click marketing, costs can quickly spiral. It takes both expertise and experience to run a profitable PPC campaign which combines smart bidding, with clever targeting and click through optimised copy, across carefully chosen channels. Though PPC is complex in many ways we can easily keep our clients updated on progress as PPC is unrivalled in both its accountability and transparency. Our account managers work with Google Analytics, advertising platforms and in-house software to show you exactly what return on investment you are attaining.

At Digital Effect we do PPC the right way in both the eyes of Google (hence our Google partner status) and our clients whom atop of great campaigns and amazing ROIs receive detailed break downs and reporting which helps them understand exactly where their money is going and how profitable their campaigns are.


    Our team of search engine advertising experts have an in-depth knowledge of Google’s AdWords ad platform.


    Working across various search engines to maximise your ROI our search engine ads team are experienced with the Bing Ads platform.


    Recognised by Google as an agency that implements best practices and follows Google’s guidelines, we are certified Google Partners.

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